DevOps Consulting Services

Earlier software firms follow the stereotypical approach to carry out the development and operational process separately,which are a huge amount of complexities, Yet a DevOps, culture brought the transparency in development and helps to create on-time delivery products without any risks.

The chant is: Develop, Test, Deploy, Monitor, Feedback and so on. This sounds application oriented. In fact, it can be applied to the development of any IT solution and all IT activities from development right through to support services. DevOps puts us all on the same spot from the start to finish.

Bitscrunch offers end-to end Devops consulting services, that help organizations automate their entire development and operations process intelligently which eventually paves the way to build quality and safe by providing agile development, continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery.

Why your Organization need DevOps?

  • Eliminate security risks
  • Minimized Development error
  • ON-time market delivery
  • Reduced spending towards individual resources
  • Well-supported automotive process

DevOps Consulting

Entrée your DevOps solutions with Bitscrunch:

With the capability to learn unsupervised from unstructured data, deep learning offers even more value to businesses today . Bitscrunch AI consulting services- deep learning services help you leverage the potential by enabling you to cut costs and reduce the time frame of the expected results. Our deep learning services include

  • Strong source control
  • Fine-grained and detailed service architecture along with faster meantime delivery
  • Cohesive team with shared objectives,Lean principles
  • Fast and Speedy execution
  • Improved effectiveness
  • Efficiency in operations

Why DevOps with BitsCrunch?

The Core aim of the DevOps process is to make software delivery on time with high stability.

Continuous development

Scheduling and deploying complex applications in development, testing and production environment for efficiently managing the continuous delivery pipeline

Continuous integration & Delivery

Shared warehouses permit the DevOps team to perform continuous integration and observe to rapid delivery cycles. This is the most vital phase in the development pipeline.

Continuous testing

Authorizing the quality and functionality of the task through continuous automated testing to avoid delays in finding issues.

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